Photo Credits: Keystone Digital

The Plaster Student Union is at the heart of the Missouri State University. Located at the center of campus this multi-stage renovation required new AV systems in a variety of rooms. Most of the rooms renovated serve a variety of functions and required a system that was appropriate for handling the daily change of use in each room. The functions range from small classrooms to hosting banquets and events. The first part of this project involved three separate rooms that had the option to be divided into smaller rooms by sliding partition walls. The projectors used had to have a short throw lens, but still provide a big enough image if the rooms were fully opened. The rooms use the Atlona AT-HDVS-TX-WP wall control allowing for easy connections to the AV system’s projector and audio system. The second part of this project involved three meeting rooms where students are able to connect personal devices to the Atlona wall controls and display content on a Sharp PN-L602B Aqous Board. The smart board allows students to review and edit their work right on the display in real-time. The wall control gives the student the option of standard and HD video and audio inputs and power and input select options.