During pre-construction, Keystone Digital was selected as the audio/visual design-build partner and tasked with designing and installing a robust audio network, digital signage infrastructure, and the largest, brightest, LCD video wall inside of any Biloxi casino. The audio systems enhances the fun and exciting environment of the casino floor and is built on a completely digital platform using MediaMatrix NION DSP’s and Crest power amplifiers with CobraNet interfaces. Amplifiers are located in three outlying IDF’s, hundreds of feet away from the head end where the DSP’s reside. A dedicated network transports over 45 channels of CobraNet audio to the Crest amps, which power 200 Tannoy speakers. Microphones throughout the casino sense the ambient sound level and adjust volume in those zones automatically as the noise in the casino rises and falls, eliminating the need for staff to adjust the volume manually. This has the added benefit of reducing guest complaints about background music that is too soft or loud. Magenta Research Multiview transmitters and receivers, simply the best and most reliable video extenders on the market, were chosen to deliver video to thirty-eight digital signage displays in the slot machine banks and public areas over the Cat6A infrastructure. These displays are a crucial component of the property’s marketing strategy, so the choice of a high performance product with precise signal skew correction like Magenta was an easy decision.