Ozark Hall at the University of Arkansas underwent an entire building renovation and addition. The buildings serves a variety of purposes from education, administration and events. Keystone Digital designed and installed AV control systems in 30 different areas including classrooms, banquet halls, offices, conference rooms, and an auditorium. Each area was designed separately to meet the specific needs and function of the space. Most of the classrooms received a “plug and teach” type system where the teacher can simply hook up any standard device to the system and quickly get the content displayed for the class. This type of system is ideal for classrooms that receive a high volume of traffic from both teachers and students. Smaller “breakout” rooms in the honors wing have a similar system where a small group of students can display media off of personal devices. The banquet halls and auditorium were both part of the new building addition. To keep the clean elegant nature of the rooms, large projector screens were used in these areas and recessed ceiling housings were implanted. In the banquet hall room 130 a NEC NP-550W displays content along with two NEC E552s. Like the “plug and teach” system users are able to hook up to the system quickly and have content displayed on all screens simultaneously.