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Spin Room with Instructor Touch Panel

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In 2007 the Colorado State University Rec Center completed an addition totaling over 61,000 square feet of new construction, and the interior of the existing Student Recreation Center was also renovated. In 2016 the Rec Center brought in Keystone Digital to design and install an updated Audio and Visual System that would help tie the original building and new addition together.

Description Continued: 

One example was installing and integrating a PA system throughout the entire building; something needed since 2007. New gym and workout studio AV equipment was installed with easy Bluetooth pairing for the wide variety of instructors and students that use the building. The boardroom, administration offices, and meeting rooms all received upgrades relative to their functions with custom CSU user interfaces designed in-house by Keystone Digital.

Technology Equipment: 

Lower Conference Room:

  • Monitor – Sharp LC80LE661U
  • Audio – Samsung HT-SB602
  • Speakers – QSC AC-C4t
  • Wall Input Plate – QSC I/O-22

Expandable Meeting Rooms:

  • Wall Input Plate – Crestron DM-TX-200-C-CG-B-T
  • Rack Input Plate – Custom Designed and Manufactured
  • Scaler – Crestron DM-RMC-Scaler-C
  • DMPS – Crestron  DMPS3-300-C, Crestron CEN-SW-POE-5
  • Control Panel – Crestron TSW-752-B-S
  • I/O Controller – QSC Core 110f
  • Amplifier – QSC SPA4-60

Control Room:

  • Page Station – QSC PS-1650G
  • I/O Controller – QSC Core 110f
  • Control Panel – QSC TSC-7w
  • Network Amplifiers – QSC  CXD4.3Q-NA
  • Commercial HD Tuner – Contemporary Research 232-ATSC4
  • BGM – DMX Pro Fusion iS

Technology Equipment Continued: 

Upper Conference Room:

  • Wall Input Plate – Crestron DM-TX-4K-100-C-1G-B-T, Crestron DM-RMC-4K-100-C
  • Video Conferencing – Barco CSE-200
  • DMPS – Crestron DMPS3-4k-150-C, Crestron CEN-SW-POE-5
  • Control Panel – Crestron TSW-752-B-S
  • Amplifier – QSC SPA2-60
  • Speakers – QSC AC-C4T

Workout Studios:

  • I/O Controller – QSC Core 110f
  • Control Panel QSC TSC-3-BK
  • Audio Player – Tascam CD-200BT
  • Amplifier – QSC SPA4-60

Cycle Studio:

  • Projector – Panasonic PT-RZ370U
  • Wall Input Plate Crestron DM-TX-4K-100-C-1G-B-T
  • DMPS – Crestron DMPS3-4K-150-C, Crestron CEN-SW-POE-5
  • Control Panel – Crestron TSW-550-B-S

Main Gym:

  • I/O ControllerQSC Core 110f
  • Control Panel – Crestron TSC-7w
  • Microphones – Shure Wireless System
  • Amplifier – QSC CX302V
  • Speakers – JBL C67P/T-WH
  • Rack – Niddle Atlantic – ERK-2720